I am Joanne Wu, a doctor who specializes in wellness. I am a fitness expert and experienced yoga teacher who is passionate about mindful health coaching. My goal is to work with your goals, helping you get healthy, stay well, and simply be your best.

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my intentions

  • Dream

    To help people get healthy, stay well, and simply be their best

  • Spirit

    To energize and inspire others with my passion, knowledge and creativity

  • Focus

    Integrative wellness through inner zen. Lead by example.

  • Beliefs

    Life is a journey where we continue to strive for meaningful growth each and every day. Wellness is more than fitness, and optimal health is part of our social responsibility. And the path does not have to be boring; it should be fun, engaging, and happy.

  • Character

    Genuine. Sociable. Supportive. Approachable. Knowledgeable. Proactive. Zesty. Optimistic.  Spunky. Creative.

  • Favorites

    “Live passionately and don’t hold back” – Anonymous / “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi