Three Ways to Get More Standing Time on the Job

Hi, I’m Dr. Joanne Wu and I am here to inspire movement in your healthful living, starting right at work.

Today, we will review why it is important to get up from prolonged sitting and three ways to get more standing time on the job.

Prolonged sitting tightens up hip flexors and often leads to pressure point developments in our low back and legs. Beyond physical stress, sitting behind a desk can feel mentally exhausting.

If you don’t have access to an alternate sit stand frame that can convert your work station from sitting to standing, do not worry. Here are some ways to make the best with what you have.

1.)   Start with Stairs

Walk the stairs to your office and take another round of flight during lunch hour. Just around 5 minutes a day can help you boost cardiac fitness , tone your legs and help you maintain your weight. This also helps you break away from screen time and allows you to re-center your energy.

2.)   Squat before sit

Squat and hover at your seat before you sit every time and you could do your workout right at your office. Another great one is to stand after your initial squat, support your low back as you find a stretch behind you. This will help you relax your hip flexors and help you stand taller next time you are up.

3.)   Stroll every sixty

Grab some water, take a lap around the office. Make it short but smooth. Every hour is a good target to take a stroll and loosen up those legs. Another opportunity to add more standing time is do a walking meeting. Forget coffee at your meetings, multitask and keep your energy alive!

Thank you for joining me today to help you find wellness in your life!

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Get Motivated: Finding What Moves You and Sticking to It.

Real goals are simple if we harness our motivation and visualize success. But it is not that easy, most of us who are innately highly motivated can feel unmotivated at times. In fact, sometimes we get into such a slump that even thinking about positive change can be overwhelming and even hopeless. And when failure sets in at attempts to get started again, we find excuses to be at the forefront of delay of unlocking our potential to get out of our slumps. Here are some tips to take it one step at a time and set you up for success to dream for reality once more:

1.)   Set one goal: establish focus

Don’t let too many things pile in your life. De-clutter your physical space. Harness your energy and find focus. You can do your other goals, when you have finished this one.

2.)   Inhale inspiration

I draw my inspiration from my community, my travels, and my experience. We build on connections and we seek to understand and be understood. Learn from those who have triumphed and you too will find extra in your ordinary.

3.)   Get excited with positive thinking

Recognize negative self-talk. What is really going on? Try squashing that energy like a dead bug. As Zig Ziglar said it best: “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

 4.)   Build anticipation with daily intentions

The power of daily intentions in conscious living is often misunderstood. The more you are able to visualize your success by acknowledging your goal, the more you are able to lead yourself there.

 5.)   Post your goal: Commit out loud

Nothing sets in reality like saying something out loud and sharing it with others. Hold yourself accountable and you will feel more responsible. So go on, say it with pride!

 6.)   Lean on support: you are not alone

This road to success is not easy without friends to lean on. Don’t isolate yourself, learn from each other. Be stronger as you garner strength from your community. Ask people for advice. Trust me, many people are not just eager to help, but are honored to be asked.

7.)   Dynamic stability: life is a flow

Trend towards improvement is better than large leaps of fluctuations. Don’t expect your growth to be linear. Life is a flow so expect turbulence. Root down on your strong foundation and you will find strength once again to head towards your goal.

8.)    Start small, dream big

Rome was not build in a day but there was a dream of its existence. Allow each step you take towards the picture of great success help push you forward and onward. Want to run a marathon? Start with a two minute run, and then add two each day. Build on your small steps and the leap will happen.

9.)    Stick with it:  learning how to gracefully step back

Don’t give up. Motivation will come back if you just let your slump be a bump. Don’t just steer yourself completely onto a new goal or a new fad. There is no instant gratification. Take step back, be patient, and re-examine your big picture goal. Let that fuel you and help you stick with it.

 10.)Celebrate success, no matter how little it may seem

We all need a pat on the back. Acknowledgement is positivity. Don’t’ let your intentions, your practical breakthroughs, go amiss. You deserve rewards to remind you that you are doing the best you can and you are worth it.  It doesn’t need to be celebrated with champagne or a party, but smile, look at yourself in the mirror and say “good job”! It matters.

Avoid Burnouts

Hi, I’m Dr. Joanne Wu and I am here to inspire movement in your healthful living, starting right at work.

We all can feel like we are in a rut sometimes and it is not simply a sign of job dissatisfaction or a need for vacation. We all have responsibilities but burnout is reached when those consistent stressors have taken a physical toll on our wellbeing. Poor sleep, poor attitude, poor job performance are all early signs.

Today, we will review three simple ways to avoid burnout and get the pep back in our step

1.)   Readjust our expectations

At the end of the day, tell yourself whatever is done is done. Learn to say no and quit comparing yourself. Turn off the computer at the end of the day and before you leave, close your eyes, take breath to reset and say to yourself  “I’m done, I’m good, and tomorrow is another day.”  Manage up the stressful emotions. You are in control.

 2.)   Exercise

The end of the day often brings fatigue. Exercise drops cortisol levels and can reduce stress. Just 20minutes of light exercise including a simple walk to your car can help reset your mood. So go ahead, park further from your car so you can let your mind drift towards yourself once again. You are worth it!

3.)   Connect with Friends and Family

Love is a great healing power. Don’t have time to meet up with others? Make a couple of calls on your Bluetooth on your way to the car or in the car. Don’t vent about your day, just tell them you are thinking of them and let go. You are more than your job.  Your friends and family are great reminders.

Thank you for joining me today to help you find wellness in your life!

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Yoga off the Mat: What is free? Exploring Moksha

Summer is a time of celebration of bounty, of fun in the sun, and a season for exploring what it means to be free.  The July season holiday finds meaning in recognizing the freedom fought by our ancestors. But aside from having the Bill of Rights and the ability to call ourselves Americans, what does living free actually stand for?

Moksha, in Sanskrit, means emancipation, freedom or release. The practice of yoga teaches us to become self aware, and develop knowledge about our bodies and how our energies relate to those that surround us in our community. On the mat, we are able to play with our physical postures as we explore and tonify our breath. In Hindu tradition, Moksha is a central concept, and an aspect of what it means to be blessed with human life. This liberation, is not merely an absence of suffering, but to be at peace and find bliss amidst all storms.

Here are some tips to embody Moksha in your daily life:

a.)   De-clutter your space. Throw away, recycle, donate and just plain organize. It does not take much to physically stuff your energy

b.)   Forgive. Forget. Let go. Let it be. Bad energy can block healing and thriving. Let go what does not serve and allow kindness to forgiveness to unburden your stress.

c.)    The most important things in life are not things. Cherish people and the time that you have together. Live in now, focus on now, love now. It’s very liberating.

d.)   Take a breath in, hug it for a bit longer than usual, relax your face. Close your eyes , visualize yourself in your happy place. What do you see? Exhale all expectations. Really let yourself hear you breathe.  Then inhale the inspiration from that visualization, drop your shoulders, smile, set a focal point, and exhale again into your bliss. Breath is life. Don’t forget to breathe. Rejuvenate, invigorate, ignite your soul.

Movement of the Month: Running

Summer fun is enjoyed best outdoors. Running is a sport that not only frees your soul but also improves your health. I am thankful this year to join my run club at Lululemon Athletica Rochester to share joy outdoors with a fun run every Monday night. Community bonding through sweat dates not only brings accountability, but also nourishes socialization in an otherwise very independent sport. Here is small list of health reasons to start running!

(Fit2bWell tip: Talk with your doctor about your desire to run. Make sure that foot, knee, hip and back problems are cleared before attempting any rigorous training event to avoid injuries. Consider looking up free run clubs in your area that can motivate you to start something new. And sign up for charity race to set sights on goals that can bring a new dimension to your exercise routine.)


1.)   Runner’s High

  • No matter how tired, a small dose of exercise can make anyone feel better. This rush of endorphins can instantly boost mood. In fact, exercise has been demonstrated  in many studies to help treat depression, and improve concentration and sleep.

2.)   Running slim

  • It is no secret that exercise burns calories during a workout. But did you know that cardiovascular exercise like running, can strengthen your muscles including your heart and lungs that will help you burn calories even when the workout has stopped. Now that is a good investment return!

3.)   Running strong

  • Running is a wonderful way to tone and strengthen all muscles. By strengthening your muscles, you can take stress off your joints. Excessive running can add stress however to joints that already have significant arthritis however. A balance of intensity, duration and frequency of running can keep you strong and pain-free! This strength extends to your heart and your lungs as well. This translates to more efficient and powerful oxygen delivery to your muscles and your brain!

4.)   Running sharp

  • Aging gracefully is a desire for all. Studies show that not only can exercise extend your life, but there are studies that demonstrate improved attention, memory, judgment and thinking (ie overall brain function). So stay sharp, get your sweat on!