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I was a guest speaker on Fitness Edge Radio Episode June 20th. I love being a guest of the program.

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Dr. Joanne Wu & David Jewett on Fitness Edge Radio

Dr. Joanne Wu joins us in this episode of Fitness Edge Radio.  Joanne chats with us about National Nutrition Month and shares some ideas on staying healthy.

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Next, pro lumberjack David Jewett stops in to share the story of how he got into timber sports and why he’s been able to maintain such a high level of success.



Yoga Therapy: Theory and Practice

Yoga Therapy: Theory and Practice is a vital guidebook for any clinician or scholar looking to integrate yoga into the medical and mental health fields. Chapters are written by expert yoga therapy practitioners and offer theoretical, historical, and practice-based instruction on cutting-edge topics such as application of yoga therapy to anger management and the intersection of yoga therapy and epigenetics; many chapters also include Q&A “self-inquiries.” Readers will find that Yoga Therapy is the perfect guide for practitioners looking for new techniques as well as those hoping to begin from scratch with yoga therapy.

You can now order this amazing book on Amazon! (I even contributed a chapter!)

Movement of the Month: Pilates

What better way to burn the bird then to challenge yourself to a full body exercise that is famous for developing strength, flexibility and coordination? That’s right, pilates may help you connect and integrate your power by putting fuel in your core.

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by German born Joseph Pilates. It is a mind/body exercise that is innovative, creative, and tailored to improve posture, movement patterns and agility. It can be done on a mat, with props, or on machines such as the reformer demonstrated.

Want to try but don’t want to join a class? There are wonderful online streaming options such as that allows you to pick your level and pick a style. Not sure but want some help? Consider signing up for free demo sessions. Group classes are also great ways for you to meet new people and to try it out under a supervised environment. Have back or neck problems? Do not worry. Therapeutic private sessions can be just as good as a visit to your physical therapist, just as long as the treating provider has been trained in rehabilitation principles and is willing to work with your doctor on understanding your injuries and your comorbidities.

If you are interested in learning more, I am accepting new consultations at Midtown Athletic Club. Feel free to contact me online on my contact form or call me at 585-441-1056. 

Movement of the Month: Aerial Yoga

What is Aerial Yoga? Aerial Yoga uses a hammock sling to help you feel a different type of stretch in your yoga! Afraid of inversions? No need to have to go upside down. By using the hammock as a suspension system, you can add more body weighted exercises to your yoga program to build strength and stamina, improving your posture, your balance and your well-being.

Feel free to check out my new Aerial Yoga Flow class at www.

(Fit2bWell tip: Talk with your doctor about your desire to do aerial yoga. Inversions are not recommended if you have uncontrolled blood pressure. Be careful about rapid changes in your posture from going upside down to right side up. Your body needs time to adjust from the shifts in blood flow.)

Balance: Steadiness through Dynamic Play

Another birthday recently passed as I celebrate being a Libra. This astrological sign is marked by the constellation of scales. The cosmic image often symbolizes harmony, balance and equality. I am inspired by this gathering of stars to explore the definition of balance and why we all seek it but never seem to ever truly feel it or find it.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Balance (– noun –)
: the state of having your weight spread equally so that you do not fall
: the ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling
: a state in which different things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance

I think we often try to have equality in our lives when it comes time to work and play. I used to have a mantra of “work hard, play hard.” The problem with that is: I become exhausted. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy working hard to earn my recreational leisure, but I have learned the importance of not necessary having the two be equal, or the same. I become less rigid about retaining control and have more fun with the concept of free falling into relaxation. Often, we strive to hold on to all the balls that we juggle in our lives and feel bad when we put one down. But when we continue to steady the plates by gripping tightly, we lose the sense of fun of being able to have the ability to play with so many different things going on it lives. The fear of falling and the concept of failure end in our burnout.

Work-life balance is one that often feels impossible. Burnout and stress has been often cited by many corporate wellness surveys to be the number one health issue for the last couple years. There is no “perfect” formula to achieving this task. It is one that constantly evolves and revolves around embracing power in the present moment, being flexible to change, understanding one’s values, and respecting boundaries.

Yoga is a wonderful tool to dial down, tune inward, and figure out what matters to you, what is going on around you, and what you can realistically do to impact change. I have learned with time that my yoga practice is one that always grounds me during times of stress, when I feel slightly out of control in a situation where I don’t have control, and remind me of the deeper purpose of my being. It reminds me the importance of acknowledging the role that I play not just at my work, but also in my home, in my family, and in my community. So next time you feel a bit off in your work-life balance, learn it from this Libra yogini, “two feet, one breath.” Feel the earth, inhale, exhale – it’s what defines living.

HalloweenYoga for the Whole Family October 26th

Halloween Yoga

Movement of the Month: Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is no longer an activity for kids. I fell in love with this sport the last couple years when I spent my time traveling to festivals and dancing in the great outdoor summer son. Since then, I have become a certified Hoopnotica Fit and Flow teacher. The way the hoop flows the body really enhances our natural curves. It is a dance with our consciousness. You can’t help but laugh as you explore new moves with a hoop. Hooping has been helping many lose inches off their waist over the years and build cardiovascular endurance and improving balance.

 Check out this article I commented on in EveryDay Health!

 (Fit2bWell tip: Talk with your doctor about your desire to hoop. Seek out a fun but experienced teacher Make sure that foot, knee, hip and back problems are cleared before attempting any rigorous training event to avoid injuries. Consider doing this as a family activity, outdoors, and listening to a tune that moves you!)

Ten steps to hula hooping:

1.)   Wear comfortable clothing. Recommend no backless sandals or shoeless when you first start

2.)   Put the hula hoop on the ground and choose a hoop that reaches your chest or waist. The larger the hoop, the heavier the hoop (to a certain point) tends to be better for beginners due to its slower spin.

3.)   Step inside the hoop

4.)   Reach down and pick up the hoop with soft knees. Ensure hands are at a comfortable distance apart

5.)   Bring hula hoop to waist level. Step one foot in front of the other (approx 1-2 shoe lengths) with soft knees

6.)   Hold on to hoop but place on side of your body near top of pelvis

7.)   Spin the hoop clockwise or counterclockwise. Many feel comfortable with one side better than the other, so explore

8.)   Start to think about points of contact with the hoop. Those would be your push points. Push your stomach forward as the hoop comes around. Push back with the back as it goes around the other way. Sometimes circular motion with push points on side to side feels better. So see what works for you!

9.)   Keep breathing, keep smiling and keep the hoop spinning

10.) Expect the hoop to fall, and when it does, keep trying and have fun!

Yoga off the Mat: What is free? Exploring Moksha

Summer is a time of celebration of bounty, of fun in the sun, and a season for exploring what it means to be free.  The July season holiday finds meaning in recognizing the freedom fought by our ancestors. But aside from having the Bill of Rights and the ability to call ourselves Americans, what does living free actually stand for?

Moksha, in Sanskrit, means emancipation, freedom or release. The practice of yoga teaches us to become self aware, and develop knowledge about our bodies and how our energies relate to those that surround us in our community. On the mat, we are able to play with our physical postures as we explore and tonify our breath. In Hindu tradition, Moksha is a central concept, and an aspect of what it means to be blessed with human life. This liberation, is not merely an absence of suffering, but to be at peace and find bliss amidst all storms.

Here are some tips to embody Moksha in your daily life:

a.)   De-clutter your space. Throw away, recycle, donate and just plain organize. It does not take much to physically stuff your energy

b.)   Forgive. Forget. Let go. Let it be. Bad energy can block healing and thriving. Let go what does not serve and allow kindness to forgiveness to unburden your stress.

c.)    The most important things in life are not things. Cherish people and the time that you have together. Live in now, focus on now, love now. It’s very liberating.

d.)   Take a breath in, hug it for a bit longer than usual, relax your face. Close your eyes , visualize yourself in your happy place. What do you see? Exhale all expectations. Really let yourself hear you breathe.  Then inhale the inspiration from that visualization, drop your shoulders, smile, set a focal point, and exhale again into your bliss. Breath is life. Don’t forget to breathe. Rejuvenate, invigorate, ignite your soul.

Back Pain? Maybe it’s in your feet.

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