$5 open level acrobatic conditioning class at NOVA!

Every Wednesday until June 6th!


Nova Fitness

53 Russell Street

Rochester, NY 14607


Hey acro lovers or acro curious of all levels! $5 class is here to stay. Come train, get strong, lift people not weights. We will work in an approachable, community focused format that will help you get fit with partner conditioning exercises. This class is ideal as a solo class for level 1/2 acro students or those interested in cross conditioning. During 6:45-8pm, the gym will be available for you to jam as the other class goes on (see below).

If you are a level 2-3 student, you can choose to take the skills and drills class that follows this one to get a combined 90min workout that ends at 7:30pm.

Drop in price $10 for class OR better yet…
3mo unlimited acro with or without yoga price $60 for 3mo! This averages to $5/class if you just come to acro alone!

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