Finding Ease in Spins with Acro Conditioning and Play


January 28, 2017

12:00pm to 2:30pm

Muscle is Motive Athletics

600 W Manlius St.

East Syracuse, NY 13057

Just started Acro in the last couple months? Love jams and playing but want some more options for flow and conditioning? This workshop is a great one for you!

We will introduce some fun acro calibration and conditioning drills, then lead you through some level 1 washing machines with opportunities to learn more dynamic transitions.

Inspired by my one of my most wonderful teachers, mentors and friend SeattleAcro Lux, we will guide you through progressions in some approachable spinning washing machines that will keep you playing with various directions and options of movement from one of our favorite Acro foundational poses: STAR. You might be a bit dizzy at times, and pants may twist, but they sure will bring a smile to your face!

Price: $15 prepay, $20 at door (PP or other direct payment to:

Prerequisite: star for 15seconds, bird and back bird for 15 seconds, side star for 15seconds, supported foot to hand for 15 seconds
(this is just a guideline, feel free to talk to me or Patrick if concerns)

Teacher: Dr. Joanne Wu
Assistants: Patrick Dibello and Ali Young
About the Teacher:

Dr. Joanne Wu is a practicing medical doctor, an experienced registered yoga teacher, and a forever student, practitioner, and budding teacher for Acro in the Upstate NY community. She is certified and has trained with a variety of schools of acrobatics including Acroyoga, Acroyoga Montreal, SeattleAcro, Acro Revolution, LIFT School of Acrobatics and more! Aside from yoga and Acro, she has over 14years of fitness, wellness education and teaching experience in a plethora of sports. She is a proud ambassador or Lululemon Athletica and has collaborated with the Upstate NY region ambassadors for a variety of community events. She is also the executive director of the annual Upstate Acro Festival, and co-owner for the soon to launch UP! Aerial Fitness in Buffalo, NY spring 2017. She can be found teaching weekly classes at East Meets West Yoga, Aerial Arts of Rochester, and Revolution Cycling. She has workshops spanning Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse throughout 2017.

Check out her site at: