Kangoo JUMPs for Joy with SUP Yoga: Sips after!

Thursday, August 4, 2016 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Outer Harbor Buffalo

225 Fuhrman Blvd

Buffalo, NY 14203

Tickets Available HERE 

Do you Kangoo? Well this is your chance to try an exciting low impact cardiovascular exercise that will boost your metabolism, your fun and your fitness!

So proud to join the one and only energetic fellow Lululemon Ambassador Judy from Garage Fitness to bring you a SUP fusion event. Dr. Joanne Wu will be teaching a SUP Yoga program that will help get you out of your workday while warming up for the exciting beats of funky house that will increase your strength over laughter. Then Judy will kick off the Kangoo fit sure to shake your fitness routine. 75min total training.

After our power workouts, we will be having a toast over our success with sips from the Pointe. From water, beer, to wine and hard cider, we will provide you FREE refreshing drink to cap off the night. Get to know your community!

The Outer Harbor is a gorgeous playground. Where will you be this summer?

$25 includes formal instruction, drinks, board rental. Can’t beat that! Signup on link above


For more about Judy:


For more about Dr. Joanne Wu:


For more about our Longboards on the Beach team:


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