LIFT Acro Intensive Rochester / Buffalo

March 18-20, 2016

Aerial Arts of Rochester (Fri, Sat), Solrise Cultural Arts Center Buffalo (Sun)

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Join experienced teachers Aaron Lind and Christine Moonbeam for a fun and educational weekend of partner acrobatics!

During the course of the weekend we will train the elemental building blocks of washing machines that spin horizontally and vertically, as well as building the foundations of dynamic acrobatics that use momentum to swing the flyer from pose to pose.

All Levels welcome! Progressions will allow beginners to feel degrees of sucess in the workshop.

Spotting, safety, and critical thinking about acrobatics will be key elements in addition to instruction given about the mechanics of partner acrobatic skills.


Friday night:
Lateral Spinning washing machines: Break down complex base foot work and flyer weight shifting for washing machines that spin on a horizontal axis. Propellor and Ninja Star will be used as examples of combinations of movement patterns that lead to further and more complex possibilities. Learn the mechanics that make up tricks to create your own!

Saturday afternoon:
Linear Spinning washing machines: Washing machines that spin on a vertical axis are fun, challenging, and lead the way to higher level material. Catherine’s Wheel progressions will be used as an example leading to further washing machines

Sunday afternoon:
Intro to Whips: Whips are are fast, exciting, swinging movements. Flyers will learn how to create pivots on various body parts and generate momentum. Bases will learn how to support momentum with precise knee and ankle movements. Whips require advanced spotting awareness, so learning how to spot will be a key feature of this class.

Lift School of Acrobatics is known for it’s methodical and progressive approach to acrobatics teaching, as well as a play and supportive learning environment.

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