Three Stretches You Can Do during a Conference Call

Hi, I’m Dr. Joanne Wu and I am here to inspire movement in your healthful living, starting right at work.

Today, we will review three simple stretches you can do during a conference call while on a headset telephone.

1.)   Wall Squat

Strengthen your quads, practice posture, engage your core with wall squats

Stand in front of a wall about 2 feet in front of it. Bend your knees to lean against it. Tighten your abdominals; support your back as you slide down until your knees are approximately 90 degrees angle. Don’t worry if you do not hit 90 deg, Go where you feel comfortable. Do not go past 90 degrees for this exercise. Make sure your knee does not drift beyond the ball of your feet. If it is, you are too close to the wall. Reset.  Breathe comfortably as you stay connected to your call. Find a focal point in front of you or if you are focusing on reading off your notes, that is another great target to relax your thoughts. Hold for 20-60 seconds depending on your endurance level.

2.)   Front Lunge (high or low)

Static lunges not only tone your legs, but allows for opportunity to stretch your hips

Stand up straight with your legs hip width apart. Take one foot approximately 2 feet in front of the other. The taller you are, the further away you step. Relax your chin and shoulders. If you are not looking at notes and you r hands are free, you can hold your hips. Keep your chest tall as you find a focal point to let your thoughts settle on. Lift your back heel slightly as you find softness of the back knee and a bend in the front leg. To deepen your hip stretch, you can pad the back knee with a towel and place your back thigh bone near the knee on the ground. Breathe intention forward. Step back the front foot to reset after 15-30 seconds depending on your practice. Repeat the other side.

3.)   Cactus stretch

Lift your heart, open your chest with this great upper body stretch. Combine it with above to save time.

Sit in your chair with parallel feet fully supported. Relax your chin and settle your crown of the head over your spine. Raise your arms to the side and bend elbows to L shape. Extend your fingers and engage your forearms. Press your inhales to the ground and as you exhale release your shoulders, send your elbows behind you. Your shoulder blades will roll back further if you further engage your abdominals and find power in your core. Hold for 15-30s.

 Thank you for joining me today to help you find wellness in your life!

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