Posture Tips – Sit or Stand, Relax and Restore

Hi, I’m Dr. Joanne Wu and I am here to inspire movement in your healthful living, starting right at work.

Today, we will review three simple posture tips that can apply to sitting or standing. Relax, rejuvenate, restore.

1.)   When Standing:

Distribute body weight evenly to the front, back and side of your body. Soften your knees to avoid hyperextension. Engage your leg muscles. Tilt your pelvis slightly forward to find your core. Support your chest and find side bodies long. Settle your crown of the head over the spine and you relax your shoulders from your ears.

 2.)   When Sitting:

Place both feet on the ground or on a stepping stool / footstep so your thighs are resting close to parallel to the ground and knees are placed over the ankle or ball of foot. Be mindful of your toes. The back of the chair should rest against your low back in a neutral position. You can try a pillow if you don’t have a lumbar support and find a level of firmness that suits you. The back of the chair should be locked. Make sure that you are close enough to the work station to avoid leaning forward. Engage your core muscles and relax your shoulders whenever you remember in between tasks. Try not to fidget or sway.

It is difficult to sit and stand properly, but remind yourself several times a day, and it will get easier with practice. The best way to keep your energy circulating is to alternate from sit to stand  through out the day.

Thank you for joining me today to help you find wellness in your life!

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