Three Ways to Get More Standing Time on the Job

Hi, I’m Dr. Joanne Wu and I am here to inspire movement in your healthful living, starting right at work.

Today, we will review why it is important to get up from prolonged sitting and three ways to get more standing time on the job.

Prolonged sitting tightens up hip flexors and often leads to pressure point developments in our low back and legs. Beyond physical stress, sitting behind a desk can feel mentally exhausting.

If you don’t have access to an alternate sit stand frame that can convert your work station from sitting to standing, do not worry. Here are some ways to make the best with what you have.

1.)   Start with Stairs

Walk the stairs to your office and take another round of flight during lunch hour. Just around 5 minutes a day can help you boost cardiac fitness , tone your legs and help you maintain your weight. This also helps you break away from screen time and allows you to re-center your energy.

2.)   Squat before sit

Squat and hover at your seat before you sit every time and you could do your workout right at your office. Another great one is to stand after your initial squat, support your low back as you find a stretch behind you. This will help you relax your hip flexors and help you stand taller next time you are up.

3.)   Stroll every sixty

Grab some water, take a lap around the office. Make it short but smooth. Every hour is a good target to take a stroll and loosen up those legs. Another opportunity to add more standing time is do a walking meeting. Forget coffee at your meetings, multitask and keep your energy alive!

Thank you for joining me today to help you find wellness in your life!

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