Yoga off the Mat: What is free? Exploring Moksha

Summer is a time of celebration of bounty, of fun in the sun, and a season for exploring what it means to be free.  The July season holiday finds meaning in recognizing the freedom fought by our ancestors. But aside from having the Bill of Rights and the ability to call ourselves Americans, what does living free actually stand for?

Moksha, in Sanskrit, means emancipation, freedom or release. The practice of yoga teaches us to become self aware, and develop knowledge about our bodies and how our energies relate to those that surround us in our community. On the mat, we are able to play with our physical postures as we explore and tonify our breath. In Hindu tradition, Moksha is a central concept, and an aspect of what it means to be blessed with human life. This liberation, is not merely an absence of suffering, but to be at peace and find bliss amidst all storms.

Here are some tips to embody Moksha in your daily life:

a.)   De-clutter your space. Throw away, recycle, donate and just plain organize. It does not take much to physically stuff your energy

b.)   Forgive. Forget. Let go. Let it be. Bad energy can block healing and thriving. Let go what does not serve and allow kindness to forgiveness to unburden your stress.

c.)    The most important things in life are not things. Cherish people and the time that you have together. Live in now, focus on now, love now. It’s very liberating.

d.)   Take a breath in, hug it for a bit longer than usual, relax your face. Close your eyes , visualize yourself in your happy place. What do you see? Exhale all expectations. Really let yourself hear you breathe.  Then inhale the inspiration from that visualization, drop your shoulders, smile, set a focal point, and exhale again into your bliss. Breath is life. Don’t forget to breathe. Rejuvenate, invigorate, ignite your soul.