Movement of the Month: Running

Summer fun is enjoyed best outdoors. Running is a sport that not only frees your soul but also improves your health. I am thankful this year to join my run club at Lululemon Athletica Rochester to share joy outdoors with a fun run every Monday night. Community bonding through sweat dates not only brings accountability, but also nourishes socialization in an otherwise very independent sport. Here is small list of health reasons to start running!

(Fit2bWell tip: Talk with your doctor about your desire to run. Make sure that foot, knee, hip and back problems are cleared before attempting any rigorous training event to avoid injuries. Consider looking up free run clubs in your area that can motivate you to start something new. And sign up for charity race to set sights on goals that can bring a new dimension to your exercise routine.)


1.)   Runner’s High

  • No matter how tired, a small dose of exercise can make anyone feel better. This rush of endorphins can instantly boost mood. In fact, exercise has been demonstrated  in many studies to help treat depression, and improve concentration and sleep.

2.)   Running slim

  • It is no secret that exercise burns calories during a workout. But did you know that cardiovascular exercise like running, can strengthen your muscles including your heart and lungs that will help you burn calories even when the workout has stopped. Now that is a good investment return!

3.)   Running strong

  • Running is a wonderful way to tone and strengthen all muscles. By strengthening your muscles, you can take stress off your joints. Excessive running can add stress however to joints that already have significant arthritis however. A balance of intensity, duration and frequency of running can keep you strong and pain-free! This strength extends to your heart and your lungs as well. This translates to more efficient and powerful oxygen delivery to your muscles and your brain!

4.)   Running sharp

  • Aging gracefully is a desire for all. Studies show that not only can exercise extend your life, but there are studies that demonstrate improved attention, memory, judgment and thinking (ie overall brain function). So stay sharp, get your sweat on!