Yoga off the Mat: Find Joy in Living Yoga


Mudita, or joy, is such a wonderful feeling. It comes from delighting in other people’s wellbeing rather than begrudging it. It is the opposite of a negative feeling that can weigh us down: envy. In Buddhism, as we increase our ability to connect with the spring of infinite joy, the closer we may find abundant happiness. To celebrate others in the face of tragedy so to foster and encourage a joyous state is not easy. Living yoga can help you feel this liberating state of consciousness.

Train your brain to look for the good. It doesn’t mean denial. It means awareness of now and to honor that truth. Focus on how you feel just by moving and breathing with intention. Settle in your in body. Engage the flowing energy of breath. Let go of negatives in your mind. Acknowledge the essence of who you are and the spirit that exists in you. Find out who you are and be at peace with all that makes you unique. Shift out of dwelling in what you cannot control and savor in little blessings everywhere. Experience joy with practice, breaking down walls, connect yourself with others, realize the simplicity in each moment and live it with bliss. Recognize the potential that lies in success of others, express genuine delight, and savor the comfort that you gain from seeing your expectations soar and free. We can all be “better,” but what you are now is pretty darn amazing.

So go on: let yourself be happy by seeing all the good and happiness in the world that surrounds you. Cultivate your joy daily, on and off the mat.

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